Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku katkitters!

my name is oskar! welcome to katkitters.neocities.org, the soft play area of the internet! this is my little corner for expressing myself however the hell i want to! i'm rusty with html and very new to css; i mostly coded for fun back on deviantart. bear with me, my site may be a little messy! the art on the right is by my friend sabanasmiles <3 enjoy your time in my funny autism realm

most of the stuff i post here is to do with my special interests and hyperfixations. my biggest special interest is my little pony, which i've loved every generation was since i was 4! i also love pokemon, animal crossing, star wars, vocaloid, and i dabble in a couple other games like danganronpa and genshin impact. i'm not ashamed of it; i like them and cringe culture is dead! i'm also a full-time comics student at uni and i do furry art on the side.